Legal Practitioners
At SUM Accounting, we can provide Legal Practitioners with the following services.

Quarterly Consulting

  • Productivity/efficiency reporting

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting and graphing

  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and reconciliation to financial statements

  • Superannuation Guarantee assistance
  • Meeting with Management to discuss the above

Annual Compliance

  • Preparation of the Practice's Financial Statements

  • Preparation of the Practice's income Tax Return

  • Assistance with the Practice's Payroll Obligations e.g. payroll summaries, Return to Work, payroll tax

  • PC Law accounting assistance including the treatment of reimbursements and disbursements
  • GST advice concerning the treatment of reimbursements and disbursements and identifiying when the practitioner is acting as an agent for their client

  • Assistance with Manpower budgeting

  • Preparation of budgets

  • Taxation Planning
  • Trust account auditing (through a third party provider)

Contact us or call us on (08) 8463 1661 if you are in need of the above services