We assist both Businesses that Employ Contractors and the Contractors themselves to meet their taxation and other obligations
Services for Small Business

  • Analysis of the factors which distinguish a contractor from an employee

  • Consideration of the circumstances when a contractor is entitled to superannuation guarantee

  • Workers compensation obligations for contractors

  • Structuring Opportunities to avoid superannuation guarantee obligations

  • Preparation of special purpose financial statements

  • Preparation of the entity's income tax return

Services for Contractors

  • Application of the Personal Services Income (PSI) rules to your circumstances

  • Where the PSI rules apply we will advise of the limited deductions available

  • We will assist in structuring your affairs considering the PSI rules

  • Where the PSI rules do not apply we will advise of the appropriate entity structure

  • Preparation of Special Purpose Financial Statements

  • Preparation of your income Tax Return¬†